Blackjack Ballroom Casino $€£500 and 1 Hour Free OR 40% Match on first deposit up to $€£400

Blackjack Ballroom Casino $€£500 and 1 Hour Free OR 40% Match on first deposit up to $€£400

How to Claim Your $500 at Blackjack Ballroom
Play the best online casino games today using $500 FREE!
For a limited time only, award winning online casino Blackjack Ballroom is offering all new players an incredible $500 sign up bonus gift. It’s so easy to claim the free money, and anyone over the age of 18 can do it straight away.
Step ONE
Click on the PLAY NOW! button to start the download of the Blackjack Ballroom software.
Step TWO
Double click the bjballroom.exe which should now be in your designated downloads folder on your pc.
Fill in your details and claim your $500 gift.

It’s time to play!
Now use the $500 to play whatever online blackjack, roulette, video poker or slot game you want from our selection on offer. That means it’s risk free casino gaming for one whole hour! If you win any money during the free hour, you can keep it to use in the main casino, which offers a much larger selection of great games.

Ways to use your free $500
Of course, you can use your free $500 in the casino however you want. Here are just a few suggestions if you’re unsure about how to get started:

Play Blackjack
$500 can get you a lot of hands of blackjack! Depending on the game, you can bet from as low as 10 cents all the way up to hundreds of dollars for the high rollers out there! Bide your time and bet sensibly or go all out – it’s up to you, and since the $500 is a free gift, you really have nothing to lose! Try and use a blackjack strategy to increase your chances of winning by betting shrewdly against the dealer. Blackjack is one online casino game where profits can be maximised using skill. Take your time on every hand as you wish – you won’t be rushed like you might be at a real casino!

Play Roulette
Betting on black or red, odd or even is the simplest choice. You can use your free $500 to do this as you wish, with your outlay bet being matched if you win. It’s a fast and fun way of playing this multi-faceted game. If you want to delve deeper, start placing some more interesting bets – bets on 4 numbers, bets on numbers in a particular range, or even betting on single numbers. If your number comes up, you’ve just won 35 times your original bet!

Play Slots
Slots are one of our most popular types of online casino game here at Blackjack Ballroom. The gameplay is fast, and the graphics, sound and animation are exciting. You can use your $500 free to spin the reels on whatever slot takes your fancy – there are so many themes that you are sure to find something you like. If you don’t know where to start, try Thunderstruck or Tomb Raider first – these two games are firm favourites to keep you entertained, both featuring generous payout rates and high jackpots.

Play Video Poker
Online video poker has a reputation of being a game that can change players’ lives. Some skilled video poker players have been known to use the income from video poker as a day job, playing hundreds of hands a day and earning thousands of dollars a week in profit. Video poker isn’t a complicated game, but it is a game that skilled players can dominate. The free $500 on offer here at Blackjack Ballroom is the perfect chance to try your hand at this entertaining online casino game.

How to begin playing with your free $500!
Ready to get started? It’s really easy but here are some helpful hints to get you started.

To claim this promotion you will need Blackjack Ballroom software. Download, install and register as a REAL Player.
The timer will start from the moment you click the Start Free Play button. You will then be given $500 worth of free casino credits and will need to start playing to reach the minimum bet amount within 60 minutes.
Choose from a specially picked selection of slots, table games and video poker. Be sure to play a few different games. There is a total of 500 games in Blackjack Ballroom – who knows what your lucky one will be!
You will need to place 20 or more bets and win $20 over the original $500, in order to collect any winnings, so keep betting until you are sure you have reached this minimum requirement.
If you are winning, made your 20 bets and want to quit before your 60 minutes is up, simply click the red Winning? Quit Early button.
Even if you find yourself losing the free casino credits, you can click the purple Losing? Try Again button at any time to reset your clock and balance. Please note that all your current game play will be erased and you will not be able to reclaim any winnings.
To claim your winnings – you will need to deposit a minimum of $20 into your casino account.
Maximum win on the Free Play is $100.
The Play with $500 free promotion is played on a miniature version of Blackjack Ballroom, so you will see a smaller casino loaded in the cruiser when you start, don’t get this confused with the real casino. The games are the same but this way we can display a timer on the left hand side so that you know exactly how much time you have left.
If you get disconnected try clicking the Timed Out button or you may need to log back in. The 60 minutes of free play will continue to count down while you are logging back in so make sure you are quick!
By taking part in any promotion or activity with our casino, you agree inherently to abide by the full casino terms and conditions. Please view them here in full before commencing any game play.

About Blackjack Ballroom
Blackjack Ballroom is one of the longest running online casinos on the Internet today. It has built up a strong reputation in the online gambling community thanks to its generous $500 sign up bonus, high games payouts, reliable and friendly customer service and high security standards.

If you are looking for somewhere to play the best online blackjack, roulette, video poker and slots, look no further than Blackjack Ballroom. Here’s what some of our players have to say about us:

“Blackjack Ballroom was the first online casino I joined, back in 2006, and I haven’t ever felt the need to look elsewhere. I was dubious at first – I mean, it seemed too generous that they were offering me $500 for doing nothing but sign up with them! Well, I thought to myself, what can I lose, and a few minutes later I was spinning the roulette wheel … with their money! $500 gets you a lot of spins of the roulette wheel, I can tell you! 😉 I actually won some money using the $500, which I was able to keep to use after the free hour and play on a much wider variety of games. My favourite is blackjack, and they have so many different variations which I love. Highly recommended! A+”

“I have joined several online casinos but I keep coming back to Blackjack Ballroom for one reason – my VIP host. You see, after you play a few times with them, you can earn yourself VIP status, and get a VIP host. It’s up to you whether you contact the host, but I ask mine to phone me once a week, just for a chat, and to tell me which games are paying out and such. It makes me remember that even though Blackjack Ballroom is an online casino, all the people working there are real, friendly people like you and me! I chat to my VIP host about new games, video poker tactics (because video poker’s my fave game!!), and even just natter about the weather or the latest gossip! I love this personal touch.”

“My first win at Blackjack Ballroom was after a few hours of signing up with them. It wasn’t much, but considering I’d won it using the free $500 I got just for signing up, I was pretty chuffed! My favourite game is Mega Moolah which is one of the progressive jackpot slots. Since I’ve been a member of Blackjack Ballroom, there’ve been a few jackpot winners on this game. I’m so jealous of them! Especially as they only used really small bets to hit the jackpot! I limit myself to a few spins every Saturday, then a few hands of blackjack on Sundays, then spend the rest of the week dreaming what I could do if I ever hit the jackpot too lol. Even if I never win the big one, it’s all good fun though. I’m happy to get small payouts every now and then and just play the games I like to play, when I want – after all, there aren’t many real casinos out there which would let you play in your pyjamas lol.”

“The thing I like about this casino is the variety of online slot games. My faves are Thunderstruck II, Tomb Raider and Hit Man. They all have cool graphics and the payouts have been good to me! I like the fact that you only need a few coins to play any of the games at Blackjack Ballroom – it’s really not expensive, and so you can bet as small or as big as you want. I used to play at a casino in town, but now I save my petrol money and drinks money and put it towards a few spins on the online slots instead. It’s a lot quieter in my house and I prefer to play alone, away from the smoke and noise. Blackjack Ballroom has been around a while, and I would recommend them to anyone, especially with the $500 sign up bonus they give.”

Play the best Online Casino Games at Blackjack Ballroom
Blackjack Ballroom features 500 online casino games, including online roulette, online video poker, online slots and of course many versions of online blackjack. Each game features generous pay out rates and enormous jackpots. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the choice and don’t know where to start, why not try one of last year’s highest paying games:

Reel Gems
Reel Gems Paid out: $235,237,271
One spin of the reels on this game and it’s easy to understand why it’s one of the most popular online slots at Blackjack Ballroom. Prepare to be dazzled by the precious gems and diamonds which will light up your screen, depicted in all their stunning glory by vibrant graphics.
Look out for the glittering diamond ring which will bring Free Spins galore if it lands across the reels, and could be the key to an incredible 120,000 coin jackpot!
Reel Gems also features an innovative ‘respin’ feature, which gives the player the opportunity to take an additional bet at the end of a spin to respin individual reels, with the goal of improving winnings.
With rewards of up to 40,000 in the base game and three times that on Free Spins, bring some glamour into your life with this dazzling slot.

Spanish 21 Blackjack Gold
Spanish 21 Blackjack Gold Paid out: $191,071,852
Whether you’re a fan of the blackjack game, or have never played before, make sure you try your hand at this variation of the classic card game. Spanish 21 Blackjack Gold is played with eight card decks, each of which consists of only 48 cards. The 4 cards that are missing are the four 10 cards, i.e. 10 of hearts, 10 of diamonds, 10 of clubs and 10 of spades. By removing the 10s, gameplay is made more exciting and interesting!
The graphics in this game are nothing short of breathtaking. You’ll actually feel as if you are sitting at a real blackjack table, with everything crafted in meticulous detail, all the way down to the realistic sound of the cards being dealt.
For more advanced players, why not use a blackjack strategy card to help you decide the most strategic bets. Whilst these may not be allowed in an actual land-based casino, here at Blackjack Ballroom, you can do exactly as you please, since you’re playing in your own home!

Hot Ink
Hot Ink Paid out: $93,268,809
Based on the theme of a fashionable and edgy tattoo parlour, spin the reels on this exciting Microgaming online slot. Images on the reels include realistic tattoo images, two fish which form a yin-yang symbol and of course the tattoo artist.
Hot Ink is a 1,024 ways to win slot with a Free Spins jackpot of an awesome 100,000 coins. It features the Respin feature where displays a value below each reel – players can pay the amount displayed to have that reel spun again, keeping all the other reels fixed. This gives the player an additional chance to make more winning combinations.
Keep your eyes peeled for the Tattoo Logo symbol which offers a chance to play for the Tattoo Bonus of 122,500 coins.

You’re moments away from experiencing the most exciting and realistic online blackjack games at the best online casino on the Internet! Click the PLAY NOW! button above to download the safe & secure Blackjack Ballroom casino software. Register in seconds then claim your $500 Free to use to play the very best in online blackjack, roulette, video poker and slots.

Your free gift of $500 can get you a lot of hands of blackjack! Feel free to take your time on every hand – you won’t be rushed like you might be at a real casino! Play Multihand Blackjack, European Blackjack, Vegas Strip Blackjack and many other realistic and exciting online blackjack games.

All the slots showcased at Blackjack Ballroom are exciting, entertaining and may just make you very, very rich! With 97% payout rates and bets starting from just 1 cent, it’s no wonder we keep creating overnight millionaires! Be sure to try Thunderstruck and Tomb Raider with your $500 free today.

Video poker could change your life! Some players actually live off the earnings from this game, since it involves skill as well as luck. The free $500 on offer here at Blackjack Ballroom is the perfect chance for you to try your hand at this multi-faceted online casino game.

If you’re a fan of this exciting game, you’ve come to the right place! Blackjack Ballroom has several variations of super realistic online roulette game available, but all have one thing in common – massive payouts! Use your $500 to place a safe bet on red or black today. It’s a quick way to double your money!

The majority of last month’s wins at Casino Rewards’ showcase of 29 popular online casinos came from Blackjack Ballroom, a long standing players’ favorite, receiving numerous awards and recognition for providing a comfortable online gambling experience, superior customer service and some of the best casino bonus offers on the web today.

Just last month, Klaus E from Finland joined the exclusive but ever-attainable Casino Rewards Millionaires’ Club, with an incredible $5,556,753 win on the Mega Moolah jackpot at the players’ favorite Blackjack Ballroom. His outlay to hit this 7 figure sum? Just 50 cents!