HellRaiser Video Slot

HellRaiser Video Slot

This week we released a brand new blockbuster slot game, packed with frills that will keep you riveted for hours.

“Hellraiser” is multi-featured 4-roll, 10-line retro-style, fruit machine. Its classic look and feel will make you smile at first sight, but once you start playing, its authentic sounds, flashing lights, buttons and play combinations will be pure delight for anyone with a passion for complex retro slots.

HellRaiser Video Slots

Just look how many features we’ve put into one game:

• 4 different wager amounts – 1, 5, 10 and 20 coin – the higher the bet, the greater the number of combinations that will result in a win.
• Separate hold buttons for each roll on 1-coin bets, used to hold your preferred symbols while spinning the rest freely.
• Multiple ‘double or quits’ options on 1-coin bets – as many ‘heads or tails’ calls as you like within the bonus timeframe.
• If your spin on 5, 10 and 20-coin bets brings up 3 Hellraiser bat symbols, you enter the special bonus Hellraiser level, giving you an instant bonus of 200 credits and the opportunity to play up to 4 Hellraiser spins giving more winning combinations and the highest payouts compared to all other bet options.

No Rollover: 7red employs a unique no-rollover bonus system in which any bonus you win is paid as casino chips directly into your account. The bonus chips can be played immediately but just not cashed out. However, all wins from those chips can be cashed out like normal.

Exclusive Slots – the games most desired by players: Hellraiser is a great example of our exclusive slot development program. First we research the most popular land-based machines in each country and then run extended surveys to find out how much players would like to see those games online. For those most popular, we develop an online version as authentically as possible, in conjunction with our development partner Betsoft.

Play Hell Raiser BONUSES and PROMO CODES

The hellraiser slot seems an old cupboard, but online is a video slot that is only 3 years old. This slot game four different games in store. The standard down game, the game Warp, the gamble game with heads or tails choices and top game with hellraisers. This slot game you can play through the site in fruit luck casinos where you can call or text to deposit. Of course you can just play as long for free until you decide to play for real money.

Best bet on the hellraiser slot machine is 10 cents. There are four reels and 10 paylines available. You can choose to play with one payline, 5 paylines and 10 paylines. You can already win on this slot machine to get two identical symbols on one payline.

The warp game is known as the regular game 0-1 and means you earn points if it were to go upstairs to play. So, you can start right at the top game without having to pick up first points from the basic game. Hellraiser this slot can be found almost in every center in a city or cafe. But now you have the opportunity to play the slot online hellraiser. The maximum number of points on the slot machine is 1000.

The aim is to get in the top three devils game on the reels, if you did it, you can start hellraiser slot game. The game is completely out of themselves by repeatedly until there are no more points on the club meter. So you do not continue to go back in again. Note that if all the devils devils meter stand hellraiser the game is over. The points you will automatically be credited at the time.