Frog Hunter Video slot

Frog Hunter Video slot

Hunter or hunted? If you’re a frog in the jungle you’re both. Keep your frog safe from the dangers of the tropical rain forests; away from the crocs but on close enough to those yummy dragonfly’s and if you’re lucky enough, you can win a water lily bonus and get the chance to reach your elusive female companion.

Frog Hunter Video slots

For players who like their slots loaded with graphics and fun while at the same time uncomplicated and easy to understand, Frog Hunter and its big but simple bonuses and double-or triple-or quits playoffs is just the trick.

Game Format

  • Configuration: 5-Reel, 5-line cascading reels slot machine
  • Bi-directional payout: Lines pay from right to left and left to right
  • Coin sizes: 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50, 1.00
  • Coins bet per line: 1
  • Total bet per spin: 1-5 coins
  • Number of icon types: 9
  • Winning line configurations: 3, 4 and 5 icon appearances for every icon in both directions.
  • Icon score groups: 8

Really Cute Features

  • Clean, uncomplicated screen, 5 lines only
  • Colour-coded lines showing selection status
  • Bidirectional – win from the left AND/OR from the right

Special Bonus Options

  • Dragonfly Bonuses

When a dragonfly icon comes up to the left of the female frog, or to the right of the male frog or in between the two of them, get a 10, 15 or 25 credit bonus respectively. But wait, there’s more – every dragonfly bonus gives you an opportunity to try and double or triple your win.

  • Water Lily Bonus

3 or more water lily icons coming up in adjacent reels will trigger a game within a game. The regular slot screen will move aside and you will have a try to cross the river to your beautiful ‘frogess’. Each lily you pass successfully will award you a bonus – a multiple of your total bet. Just don’t jump to the lily where the croc is hiding or your bonus will get eaten along with your frog.
On Screen Buttons

  • Options: Takes you to the game settings control panel – see below.
  • View Pays: Information on Paylines, Features, and Bonus Rounds
  • Previous: While in VIEW PAYS, button displays previous information page
  • Return To Game: While in VIEW PAYS, button redirects player to the main game screen
  • Next:- While in VIEW PAYS, button displays next information page
  • Coin: – + to increase or – to decrease the coin to play
  • Lines: – + to increase or – to decrease the number of lines to bet on
  • Spin: Spins a round with the selected coin, number of lines and credits bet per line
  • Double: Pick one of the 2 lilys holding the hidden bonus from a total of 4, to double your last win, or lose it!
  • Triple: Pick the 1 lily holding the hidden bonus to triple or quits!
  • Max Bet: Spins a round with 5 lines for your current selected coin

Options – Game Settings

  • Game Audio: 5-Reel, 5-line cascading reels slot machine
  • Turbo Play: Make the game run faster – some animations, including the expanding icon on a win, will be disabled automatically
  • Disable Expand Icon: If you’re not using the turbo play setting, you can increase game speed by switching off just the icon expand animation on a win
  • Quality: Set the video quality – high, medium or low

On Screen Info

  • Credits: Current balance in coins of the selected denomination
  • Balance: Current balance as value of your credits
  • Win: Amount won on last bet
  • Total Win: Amount won on last bet – same as win
  • Bet: Equivalent to the total number of lines
  • Coin: Total coins to be wagered on next spin (coins per line x number of lines)
  • Message box: Changes all the time – automatically alternates in the case of multiple messages
  • Colour-coded lines: Easy to see selection status

Play Frog Hunter Casino BONUSES and PROMO CODES

Frog Hunter is a slot machine that takes you deep into the bayou where frog hunters march through the swamps at dusk to find the frogs that come out at night. Frog hunting is one of the most difficult things you can do when you are in the swamp, and the theme of the game follows this bayou tradition. This article explains how to play this game well under all circumstances, and you must take this advice to heart if you wish to win extra spending money while gambling online.

The Slot Machine Has A Free Mode
There is a free mode in the slot machine that allows you to play without risking any of your money. The slot machine itself is easy to manage because there are very few tiles in use. You will get many combinations on each payline that are worth waiting for, and you will learn little patterns in the game that come up as you play. The best players will find that the game is very forgiving with a little practice, and you may play for free as long as you like before betting your own money.

Playing The Paid Version
The paid version of Frog Hunter asks you to bet on as many paylines as you want, to pay for your spins and to make the game last as long as possible. Free spins help keep the game going, but good bets will help you win quite a bit of money in just a couple spins. The best players do not waste their spins, and carefully timing all your spins will give you time to bet wisely. You must invest quite a lot of time in this game to ensure that you will win as much money as possible. The paid version will take your money, but you must responsible as you place your bets.

Frog Hunter is a great game to play when you need to waste a little time in a boring meeting, or it a game that will allow you to wins hundreds of dollars at a time. You will spend your own money in the paid version after you have practiced in the free version as long as you like. Frog Hunter will turn up at your favorite casinos, and you may play it to your heart’s content.

Frog Hunter is a simple casino style game that is on the website 7red. It is played like a regular slot style machine and you have the option to win money. Many people choose to play slot games in online casinos becaof the many benefits online casinos offer over actual casinos. An online casino is great for people who do not have casinos that are close to them. It is also the perfect option if you do not like to leave your home or you prefer to do all of your gambling in a private setting for better concentration.

Not everybody lives close to Las Vegas or Atlantic City. While many states do have casinos and options to do all of your casino-style gambling, these may take a long time to travel to. Online casinos make it easy for people who do not live close to a casino. They can do everything in an online casino from poker to slot style games such as Frog Hunter without having to travel a long way. Online casinos make it very easy for people to gamble and enjoy a casino setting without having to travel or be inconvenienced.

Many people enjoy the comfort of their home. Doing things in your own home can be much more convenient and comfortable instead of having to go elsewhere to do things you need to do. Online casinos make it easy for you to responsibly gamble within your own home. It is easy and can be done at any time of day without having to even leave your house. There are many different things that you can benefit from when doing all of your gambling at home. Online casinos are so convenient that you can even play your favorite slot games or poker games in your pajamas!

It is a known fact that some people do certain activities better if they are not under pressure or being watched. Being watched often makes people mess up or not do what they are supposed to do properly. People can usually do better if they are in the comfort of their own home with the privacy it provides. Games such as Frog Hunter and other slot games do not require much skill but other casino games such as poker and blackjack do require skill and sometimes it is easier to perform and win when there is not a lot of people around you.

Whether you are a newcomer to the online casino world or a newcomer to 7red, we ensure you that our platform is easy to understand and our games are fun for you to play. You have the opportunity to win big and have fun while doing it. Slot games, like Frog Hunter and others will provide you with the chance at a game of luck and chance while our versions of poker and other card games require a certain amount of skill to be able to win against other players that are participating in the game.