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Casino Bonus
Looking for the best casino bonus offers? You’ve come to the right place! On this page you can find the biggest and best selection of bonuses and more.
Finding a good online casino is not easy and there are very many. For someone who does not have too much experience in online gaming, it can seem confusing to someone, and we want to do it easier for our readers and players, and a short and clear, give the best deals you can find on the net.

Casino bonuses
In order to understand what the casino bonus we have to understand why such a thing even exists. In order for a casino to survive and even radio, it is logical that depends on a player, and such sites today, there are plenty on the market – and they are all “fight” to attract these players. This industry is very competitive, and we know that competition is good for consumers, and in order to attract players have to offer them something special – and that’s exactly what we’re talking about, exclusive deals that are hard to resist.
This incentive has the function to attract players and therefore offer has to be a good player to come, the registered and paid their money. Due to the great “battle” around the players, many of these offers are incredibly generous. There are several types of bonuses offered by the casino, and below you can find an overview of the most common.

Welcome Bonus
Casino welcome bonus is usually a bonus we face when we are looking for a place to play. He is certainly the most important because it will attract new players, hoping to keep them on their website. Welcome Bonus is usually a certain percentage that you get on your first deposit, up to a certain limit. For example, one such offer may not be 100% bonus up to 100 euros. This means that you get a 100% bonus on your first deposit, but not more than 100 €. Which means if you pay 100 euros, you get a 100% bonus and that is an additional 100 €, so you have to start € 200 per game. If you do so, you have used the maximum bonus, but you can also pay the smaller amount if you want. Percentage welcome bonus varies, so you can see casinos that offer 300% or even more! The money you get as a casino bonus is added to your account for the game and welcome bonus is also called the “deposit bonus”. Some companies are casino welcome bonus awarded in several parts so that you can receive a bonus on your second and third deposit, where the percentage of the bonus varies.

No deposit bonus
Above we established that the casino welcome bonus mainly based on where you get paid a certain percentage. However, some online casinos have bonuses that do not require payment. It is generally called the no deposit bonus or a bonus for registration, free casino bonus. Here the player gets a certain sum in the registration. The bonus is generally ranges from 5 euros, and more.

Loyalty Bonus
When players create an account and start to play, the job is not finished. Casinos want players to stay with them and continue to continue to play and spend money. Therefore, many have a loyalty program, or so-called VIP program. These bonuses are similar to bonuses and welcoming as usual you get a certain percentage of your payment. As usual so that the more money you pay and reverses, bonus loyalty is greater and better conditions of bonuses.

Bonus – Terms and Conditions
For someone who has no experience, these offers may sound like an amazing and too good to be true. To be sure, deals are good and how it should be. We know that the house always wins – it is like any other company that deals with work and lives of users who spend money. This means that the steam does not give free players, and in practice this means that you can not only to register, pay the money, and cashing out the bonus and deposit. Bonus money that comes, must generally be reversed or invest a certain number of times before it can pay off. It is therefore very important to pay attention to what the rules and conditions of the bonus offered by the casino.
Terms and Conditions rotation bonuses are usually between 20 and 50x (times) – it means that if you have paid € 100 and get a € 100 Bonus move with 200 € and if the conditions of rotation 20x, you must play / reverse for 4000 €, before but you can withdraw money. This may sound a lot, but if you win for example. Jackpot on a slot machine, € 4000 will be “small change”. In some casinos, you start first to play with your money, so if you win a higher figure with your payment, you can pay the money immediately, without the required torque and the fulfillment of the conditions. The background of these terms and conditions of the bonus is a method to protect against misuse of casino bonuses and losing money.

Exclusive offers on our website
The site on which you are currently the biggest portal for players. Here you can try the casino for free and read more news from the industry. Our most important job is to provide our visitors exclusive bonuses that we provide in cooperation with our partners, and when we say exclusive, we mean the bonuses that you can not find on other sites, or even at the very casino site! In the list on the side, you can find casinos with which we have good contracts and that you are very good and exclusive offers. To take advantage of the offers that we have prepared, you need to register through our links.

Casino bonuses
Note – usually only one type of bonus / promotion welcome you to take advantage of, valid for the first deposit at the casino.
Almost every online casino gives bonuses. The biggest bonuses are always given first deposit, ranging mostly from 100% – 400%. These bonuses should repeatedly “reverse” to gain any possible raise. Number of times that has to play the bonus varies from casino to casino, and it can be seen in their terms of use. Translation: if a casino gives a 100% first deposit bonus, this means that a player who is registered and 100e invest in a casino account for the game of casinos get more 100e for the game, which gives a total 200e available to play.

Some casinos registration and first deposit determination give a sum of money available for the game. New players usually prefer to register in the casinos that provide the cash that is. money to play with no deposit as a welcome to register with them (no deposit bonus), with the possibility that the player keep a certain amount of money if it reaches a certain amount of profit in the games that game. Sometimes are represented by restrictions on games that can be played to a player was able to keep the won money. Games such as Roulette, Blackjack and Poker that is so-called Table Games are almost always forbidden to play to take advantage of the bonus (usually no deposit bonus), because in these games the player can have an advantage over the casino, thanks to the various strategies and ingenuity that players have developed over time. In the game of blackjack and poker, particularly the famous card counter or ticket counters. Many a card counter has today, there are even schools for ticket counters. Of course this is also prohibited in certain casinos and games, because drastically increases the chances of the player’s hand.

Promotions that casinos usually have been mainly in the form of free spins in the slot games or roulette. These free spins ranging from 10 to 1000 free spins. Sometimes these spins conditioned by a certain amount of deposit, for example, 20e and 50e.

There are various casinos with the largest deposit bonuses. When it comes to the largest deposit bonuses is not a question only that the casino gives them already and that is verified and safe casino that gives the biggest bonuses on deposit ie. invested money.

No deposit bonuses
No deposit bonuses are a favorite with players new to casinos and who might simply want to test the casino and slot games that the casino offers. In this way have access to the money you receive from the casinos and do not risk losing your money while testing a variety of games and have some fun. No deposit casinos are usually exclusively online that is web based casino, so it’s rare to come across the brick and mortar that is constructed and the land stationed casinos offering no deposit bonuses. From cash bonus you can keep earnings up to a certain level, ie. potential for gain is limited and you can not raise the amount in excess of this limit no matter how large the gain. You can not raise the gain until the casino do not invest real money in a particular sum. Cash bonuses no deposit or exclusive bonuses are the most sought after in the majority of new and inexperienced players.

Casino Deposit Bonuses
The selection of the casino with the best offer first deposit bonus. A large number of casinos will give bonuses to second deposit is less than half what is the case with the first deposit after registration. There are daily and reload deposit bonuses that the player has the right to take in some casinos each day, or each time the resulting deposits. The most popular deposit bonus of 100% -200% on your first deposit up to a certain amount of money, to the type 200e or even 1,000. So if you invest € 200 as your first deposit of the casinos will get more 200e to use if the bonus is indicated with a 100% bonus up to 200e. What gives you the total 400e available to play in your favorite casino.

Casino Promotions
Casino promotions are very popular and provide a chance to win various prizes in addition to standard of free spins and cash bonus. Such awards are divided into various draws players who meet certain requirements to participate in the draw, and these awards are often in the form of technical appliances and parts in a number on a daily or weekly basis. Promotions are a particular form of marketing that the casino is trying to cope with the competition and win more players. So today hundreds of casinos often renewed promotion and each month will offer something new to the table. These are usually free spins, each time in a different game. Something rarely are offered cash bonuses. Also very popular combinations such as free spins plus a cash bonus plus deposit bonus (100,200% …). In this way the players get a lot more than in the ordinary registration at the casino. Certainly anyone who utilize casino promotion is subject to the terms of use and promotion is needed to reverse a number of times money and bonuses in order to gain the right to raise the money obtained from the casino. There are also the deadlines for the promotion must be used until the end to claim the right to the payment of winnings in the casino and acquired the right to draw for a prize in the prize car.

Often the subject of casino promotion bonus spins at slot games at the casino. The number of bonus games spins in the slot varies from 10 up to 1000. Typically, this is a number between 20 and 100. Thus, it will give many casinos simultaneously spins bonus on deposit for several specific slot games. Thus, for example, be 30 spins on the slot machine 1, 50 spins on the slot machine 2 and 100 spins on the slot machine 3. Also today we have more casinos with mobile platforms for the players who play through the tablet, Android mobile phones and iPhones. This casino specifically indicate promotions for playing slot games via mobile devices and often provide 100 free spins on a certain deposit to the casino for both versions of desktop and mobile casino version.

What is uncommon are casinos that provide a bonus free spins at roulette. Because roulette one of the games where the player can easily various strategies to increase the chances of winning, and therefore many of the casino risk giving such bonuses. But some, these are some of the biggest and strongest casinos on the internet that can afford such a luxury.